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PSI to convene study panel for forage fish


The Puget Sound Institute is assembling a study panel to focus on science priorities for regional forage fish conservation. The panel stems from a recent symposium at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs: Conservation and Ecology of Marine Forage Fishes in Puget Sound.

photo of Pacific herring
Pacific herring

The symposium convened from September 12-14 and was designed to identify the top science and policy priorities for conserving Puget Sound forage fish. Organizers included the Northwest Straits Commission, WA Department of Fish & Wildlife, USGS and the Puget Sound Partnership.

The priorities identified at the meeting will be presented in a statement produced by the symposium organizers, and the oral presentations and posters will appear in a published proceedings. The follow-up study panel will be led by PSI research scientist Dr. Tessa Francis, PSI visiting scholar Dr. Marc Mangel of UC Santa Cruz and Dr. Tim Essington of UW Seattle, and will convene in Summer 2013.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Francis at tessa <at> uw <dot> edu.

Additional information:

Symposium website

View a poster presented at the symposium by PSI research scientist Dr. Tessa Francis: “Population diversity among Puget Sound herring: Is there evidence of a portfolio effect?”