Welcoming new Puget Sound Partnership executive director

By Alicia Lawver, Puget Sound Partnership

Col. Anthony Wright, retired Army Corps of Engineers district engineer, was appointed by Gov. Chris Gregoire in July to lead the Puget Sound Partnership.The Partnership is the backbone organization that coordinates the efforts of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists and businesses to set priorities, implement a regional recovery plan and ensure accountability for results. Continue reading


Exploring quality of life and human well-being in Puget Sound restoration

By Kelly Biedenweg, Puget Sound Institute


Throughout Puget Sound, government and non-government land management agencies are increasingly interested in considering the human aspects of restoration management.  So far, this exploration has looked mostly at how humans influence the natural world: the pollution caused by failing septic systems or agricultural runoff or the decline in fish stock due to overfishing.  Recent work, however, is attempting to monitor how a healthier ecosystem can improve human quality of life. Continue reading


Studying nitrogen impacts from septic tanks and alder trees in Hood Canal

By Amelia Apfel, for the Puget Sound Institute

As part of a series of long-term studies, Puget Sound Institute scientist Andy James is collaborating with Julie Horowitz of the Hood Canal Coordinating Council and Mike Brett and Mark Benjamin at the University of Washington to complete an evaluation of the fate of various human-associated nitrogen sources in the areas surrounding the Hood Canal. Continue reading


PSI review finds minimal evidence for human impacts on Hood Canal hypoxia

An independent review convened by the Puget Sound Institute is featured in findings released by the Environmental Protection Agency and the state Department of Ecology that there is currently “no compelling evidence” that humans are the cause for recent trends in declines in dissolved oxygen in Hood Canal. [Read the Draft EPA and Ecology Report on Dissolved Oxygen Impacts in Hood Canal 09 -14-12.]

Continue reading