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Forage fish study panel set for August 25th

photo of Pacific herring
Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii). Photo: NOAA.

The Puget Sound Institute will convene a Study Panel on Ecosystem-based Management of Puget Sound Forage Fish from 25-29 August 2013, at the Whiteley Center at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Lab, San Juan Island.

Part of PSI’s mission is to convene NCEAS- or NRC-style expert panels to address pressing science needs identified in restoring and protecting Puget Sound. The panel on EBM of Forage Fish is one of these study panels, and is distinct from PSEMP’s standing Forage Fish & Food Webs Monitoring Working Group. Download the full study panel description, including aims, panelists and structure.

Opportunity for Participation:

The Panel will hold an open session on Monday, August 25, at Friday Harbor Labs. This will be an opportunity for interested parties to contribute to the expert panel through oral presentations. Contributions may also be submitted to the Panel in written form. These contributions may include: descriptions of relevant data sources; presentations of hypotheses/data/results; suggestions for analytical approaches; historical perspectives, etc. The Panel will consider all contributions as part of their analyses related to each research topic.

Details about the open session on August 25 will be forthcoming to those who submit a proposed contribution. People interested in contributing information for the Panel’s review can contact Tessa Francis (email: tessa at uw dot edu) providing their name, the nature of their contribution, and the relevant topic(s) addressed by their contribution (1, 2 or 3 in the study panel description.).