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A catalyst for ecosystem recovery

The University of Washington Puget Sound Institute provides analysis, research and communication to advance the science of ecosystem protection.

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September 3 roundtable will share sea level rise resiliency tools

The Salish Sea Science Roundtable speaker series continues on Tuesday, September 3 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm. Washington Sea Grant works collaboratively with local communities and agency partners to assess and address coastal hazards. WSG staff Ian Miller and Sydney Fishman will share several examples of WSG’s sea level rise resiliency work. Highlighted projects will include […]


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Southern resident orca numbers decline during census year; Bigg’s orcas continue to expand

Although the official census report won’t be submitted for a couple months, at least two southern resident killer whales have died over the past year, with one of them being a little more than a month old. This unnamed, deceased baby, designated J60, was the only new birth reported among the endangered orca population in […]


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All killer whales will remain one species — for now, according to marine mammal committee

A formal proposal to designate resident and Bigg’s killer whales as separate species has been rejected by a committee widely recognized as the authority in naming new marine mammal species. The proposal for new orca species, put forth by a team of geneticists and marine mammal biologists, was based on the distinct genetic, physical and […]