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Expanded document archive; Puget Sound Science Review; Water Symposium

  • Visit our expanded document archive at: http://www.pugetsoundinstitute.org/document-archive/. The Puget Sound Institute has scanned and uploaded more than two-dozen documents covering 25 years of Puget Sound science, including all available “State of the Sound” and Georgia Basin/Salish Sea conference proceedings. Take a journey back to 1986, or fast forward to the recently posted proceedings of the 2011 Salish Sea conference.
  • The PSI welcomes your comments regarding the new Puget Sound Science Review (PSSR). This spring the PSSR will become a key anchor to the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Puget Sound. Help us identify gaps and areas of focus as we engage in this process. The Encyclopedia will be a living document featuring a synthesis of scientific information about Puget Sound protection and restoration, and will be edited and updated by a community of credentialed experts. Contact us with your feedback, or get involved and find out more about becoming an editor or topic curator.
  • Upcoming event: Watch for upcoming announcements about the 2012 University of Washington Water Symposium, which will be hosted by PSI and the Center for Urban Waters on April 18th.  For information on last year’s symposium, visit the 2011 University of Washington Water Symposium website.