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Evaluating and ranking ecosystem indicators

Puget Sound Institute Research Scientist Andy James is co-author of a paper this month in the journal Environmental Management. The paper, “A Methodology for Evaluating and Ranking Water Quantity Indicators in Support of Ecosystem-based Management” uses Puget Sound as a case study, describing frameworks for identifying and ranking ecosystem indicators. Authors include: C. Andrew James, Jessi Kershner, Jameal Samhouri, Sandra O’Neill, and Phillip S. Levin.

The framework includes both scientific and policy considerations used by the Puget Sound Partnership in its indicator selection process, developing “several sets of scientifically valid and policy-relevant indicators that included metrics such as annual 7-day low flow and water system reliability, which are supportive of the EBM approach in the Puget Sound.”

View abstract: doi:10.1007/s00267-012-9808-7

Related papers:

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J. Samhouri, P. Levin, C.A. James, J. Kershner, G. Williams. Using existing scientific capacity to set targets for ecosystem-based management: A Puget Sound case study. 2011. Marine Policy. doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2010.12.002