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Coho salmon. Photo courtesy of NOAA.

Next Salish Sea Science Roundtable will focus on coho salmon

Join the next Salish Sea Science Roundtable

11.7.2023 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm PT Emerging Salmon Science with Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Chrys Neville 
Program Head – Salmon Marine Interactions Program, REEF/ESD
The story of coho salmon in the Strait of Georgia is complex. Historically it supported a very lucrative recreational fishery. However, the fishery collapsed in the 1990s due to a combination of factors including changes in distribution as well as declines in marine survival. The Salmon Marine Interactions Program has ongoing surveys for salmon in the early summer and fall of each year within the Strait of Georgia and coho salmon has always been a focus of the research. Chrys will examine recent changes in trends in the coho salmon population within the strait and will discuss possible factors associated with these changes.

Tanya Brown 
Research Scientist leading DFO’s Contaminants Program and Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University
Tanya will showcase the work that DFO has being carrying out in collaboration with a number of First Nations, ENGOs, Streamkeeper organizations, and other external partners to identify and characterize 6PPD-quinone toxic hotspots in salmon habitat in British Columbia, Canada.

While the event is free, registration is required to help prevent Zoom bombing. Once you register, you’ll receive a calendar invite with your unique Zoom link.