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Joel Baker, Ph.D.

Joel Baker, Ph.D.

Director, PI
environmental chemistry and engineering
C. Andy James, Ph.D., PE

C. Andy James, Ph.D., PE

Research Scientist, PI
water quality engineering
Tessa Francis, Ph.D.

Tessa Francis, Ph.D.

Lead Ecosystem Ecologist, PI
estuarine ecology and modeling
Nick Georgiadis, Ph.D.

Nick Georgiadis, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist, PI
ecosystem recovery science
Aimee Kinney, M.M.A.

Aimee Kinney, M.M.A.

Policy Lead
coastal management
Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice, M.J., M.F.A.

Managing Editor
Photographic portrait of Christopher Wright

Christopher Wally Wright, M.P.A.

Research Scientist
environmental policy
Tarang Khangaonkar

Tarang Khangaonkar, Ph.D., P.E.

Director SSMC
oceanic modeling
Photographic portrait of Kevin Bogue

Kevin Bogue, M.Sc.

Research Scientist
GIS specialist
Photographic portrait of Sylvia Kantor

Sylvia Kantor, M.S.

Information Specialist

Photographic portrait of Caitlin Magel

Caitlin Magel, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Photographic portrait of Marc Mangel

Marc Mangel, Ph.D.

Research Affiliate Professor
Photographic portrait of Chris Dunagan

Christopher Dunagan

Senior Writer
Photographic portrait of Raye Evrard

Raye Evrard

Policy Analyst
Photographic portrait of Stefan Mazzilli

Stefano Mazzilli, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist
Salish Sea Modeling Center
Photographic portrait of Eric Wagner

Eric Wagner

Staff Writer
Photographic portrait of Dwaine Trummert

Dwaine Trummert

Senior Software Developer
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Michelle Dvorak, MMA

GIS Specialist Policy Analyst
Photographic portrait of Micheal Kern

Michael Kern, MPA

Director of Special Projects
Photographic portrait of Marielle Larson

Marielle Larson

Engagement Strategist
Photographic portrait of Rachael D. Mueller

Rachael D. Mueller, Ph.D.

Research Scientist