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Marc Mangel, Ph.D.

Research Affiliate Professor

I am Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematical Biology, UCSC, Adjunct Professor in the Theoretical Ecology Group at the University of Bergen, Norway (Visit the TEG) and Affiliate Research Professor at the University of Washington, Tacoma. In my first job out of graduate school, I worked for the Operations Evaluation Group (OEG) of the Center for Naval Analyses doing operations research for the Navy. I moved to UC Davis in 1980 with the intention of doing OEG-style work, but with applications to fisheries and agriculture. I am broadly interested in using mathematical methods to solve problems that arise in biology (especially ecology, evolution, and behavior) and work in what Donald Stokes called Pasteur’s Quadrant of use-inspired basic research, where a search for fundamental understanding is motivated by an important applied problem. Stokes’s book Pasteur’s Quadrant. Basic Science and Technological Innovation (Brookings Institution Press 1997) is well worth reading.