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Sandra Dorning

Research and Monitoring Coordinator

Sandra Dorning is the Research and Monitoring Coordinator at Puget Sound Institute, where she works on the Grand Uncertainties Matrix (GUM), a compiled list of uncertainties related to Puget Sound environmental recovery efforts. Sandra is from Gresham, Oregon and has a multidisciplinary research background in the fields of marine ecology, marine management, and international environmental politics. Sandra earned her undergraduate degree in marine biology at the University of Oregon Robert D. Clark Honors College, where she completed her honors thesis on the ecology of an invasive sea squirt (Botrylloides violaceus) in Oregon’s Coos Estuary. As an undergraduate, Sandra was selected as a 2015 NOAA Hollings Scholar and worked as an intern at NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center in 2016. As a Marshall Scholar in the United Kingdom, Sandra earned master’s degrees in Marine Environmental Management at the University of York and in Global Environment, Politics and Society at the University of Edinburgh. Sandra has conducted research on marine invertebrate ecology, marine spatial management, and international biodiversity politics, and she looks forward to working in a multi- and interdisciplinary way at the science-policy interface.