Zachary Torgerson


University of Washington Tacoma Student

Environmental Science Major

Photographic portrait of Zachary Torgerson

Zachary Torgerson is a student at UW Tacoma who is studying environmental sciences to find sustainable alternatives to the current era of power and packing systems. Areas of research include ethics, geology, microplastics, nuclear energies, oceanography, and plant biology.

Prior to their involvement in higher education, Zach worked in the natural environment as a residential landscaper for a decade. When Zach attended Pierce College, they brought their leadership skills with them and held the position of President at their Office of Student Life. After graduating at Pierce, Zach enrolled in UW Tacoma and worked as an intern with PSI and SWEMA to research urban storm water filtration systems, how microplastics are affecting the world at large, and what can be done to mitigate water pollution problems.