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About Us


The Salish Sea Model and associated products including hydrodynamic and water quality hindcast solution files and forecasts (to follow), support a growing community of scientists, engineers, planners, water-quality managers, and land-use managers who are dedicated to sustainable practices and the protection of our valuable coastline and marine ecosystem. Our experienced team at the Salish Sea Modeling Center can address a wide variety of topics that are of interest including pollution identification and exposure assessment, biogeochemical and ecosystem modeling, toxics fate and transport modeling, sediment transport modeling, habitat restoration feasibility assessment, and sea level rise and climate change modeling analysis.


Tarang Khangaonkar, Director, Salish Sea Modeling Center

Tarang KhangaonkarDr. Khangaonkar is the Director of the Salish Sea Modeling Center (SSMC) at University of Washington Puget Sound Institute, through a dual appointment with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). He brings the necessary enthusiasm, expertise, experience and vision to SSMC. This includes goals such as advancement and use of state-of-the-art models of the Salish Sea ecosystem, to foster a transparent and collaborative environment for ocean modeling, and, to continue expansion, and development of the Salish Sea Model – Operational Forecast System for our community.

Stefano Mazzilli, Senior Research Scientist, Puget Sound Institute

Photographic portrait of Stefan MazzilliStefano Mazzilli is a research scientist at Puget Sound Institute focusing on issues related to water quality management, and is supporting the formation and development of the Salish Sea Modeling Center.  Stefano has worked with government, NGOs, and research centers in the USA and Australia, and has spent the majority of his career with the United Nations in East Africa, focused on applied coastal oceanography, institutional scientific capacity development, and national and international observing systems.

Adi Nugraha, Research Scientist, Coastal Modeling

Adi Nugraha is a coastal modeler expert in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). He is the key modeler for the development of hydrodynamic and transport model of Salish Sea, and he has long term experience in oceanographic data analysis, signal processing and parameter identification. Dr. Nugraha has also involved in several projects related to data measurements and real-time monitoring of water quality and oceanographic parameters.

Lakshitha Premathilake, Research Scientist, Coastal Modeling

Lakshitha Premathilake recently joined PNNL’s Salish Sea model development team as a post-doctoral researcher to conduct research and model development related to: marine hydrodynamics, ocean outfalls, pollutant transport, marine biogeochemistry, data driven ecological modeling, and toxics transport in Salish Sea.

Sukyong Yun, Associate Research Scientist

Su Kyong Yun has joined Salish Sea Modeling Center as an associate research scientist to conduct comprehensive research and projects related to water quality management in Puget Sound with SSM-OFS solutions. Su Kyong is especially interested in bridging the valley of death, the gap between academic research, and the application to solve environmental problems based on the data for a sustainable and inclusive society.