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March 20, 2024

View of a shallow creek flowing across areas of low grass and rocky ground into an estuary of Puget Sound. Several large logs lie across the ground on the left, trees are seen on the right. Hood Canal and land on the other side of it are seen in the distance.">

Resources for local habitat protection, monitoring, and adaptive management

The following article was commissioned by the Habitat Strategic Initiative Lead (HSIL), a cross-agency team co-led by the Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Natural Resources. Do you work with local environmental regulations? Would you like to improve habitat protection through more effective permitting? This overview can help if you are thinking about responding […]

December 9, 2016

Implementation strategies will target Puget Sound ‘Vital Signs’

When a scientist wades into an eelgrass bed or measures the weight of a Chinook salmon, their connection to the environment is clear. Much of what we know as the ‘scientific process’ takes place on the ground at a local scale. Measurements and observations are made and extrapolated. Scientists get their feet wet. But what […]