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Two science and monitoring funding opportunities from the Puget Sound Partnership

From the Puget Sound Partnership:

Announcing Two Science and Monitoring Funding Opportunities from the Puget Sound Partnership 

The Partnership is pleased to announce two solicitations for collaborative proposals to inform and accelerate Puget Sound recovery: Puget Sound Scientific Research and Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery. Projects are expected to begin early fall and continue through June 30, 2023 (or September 30, 2023 for a subset of ‘Monitoring’ projects). The two solicitations are complementary in nature. In addition to advancing Puget Sound recovery, both recognize the importance of and seek to advance management-relevant science; biophysical and social sciences integration; justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; and climate change considerations. 

Letters of Intent are due May 14th, 2021 and Full Proposals are due August 6, 2021 for both solicitations. 

The Partnership seeks proposals from those leads and team members who encompass a range of backgrounds, disciplines, and career stages. Project leads must be affiliated with an organization, agency, or tribal government that is licensed to do business in the state of Washington. The Partnership is committed to building an inclusive program that serves all people including those with unique needs, circumstances, perspectives, and ways of knowing. Eligible applicants of all ages, races, ethnicities, national origins, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, cultures, religions, citizenship types, marital statuses, job classifications, veteran status types, and socioeconomic statuses are encouraged to apply. 

Puget Sound Scientific Research funds will focus on advancing the Priority Science Work Actions identified in the 2020-2024 Science Work Plan, which included human-biophysical interactions, effectiveness of recovery interventions, ecological conditions and effects, and science-based decision-support topics. A total of $1.7 million will be allocated towards two project types:  

  1. Integrated Social Ecological Systems Awards are larger in scope and co-developed across disciplines—1-2 awards anticipated for a total of $600,000 to $1,200,000
  2. Targeted Research Awards should be designed to address critical gaps in knowledge or advance innovate approaches—8-12 awards anticipated for a total of $500,000 to $1,100,000   

Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery funds support the objectives of the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program (PSEMP) Strategic Plan to increase collaboration, support adaptive management, and improve communication. Approximately $750,000 will be available to support an estimated eight to 20 projects in total, with individual project budgets ranging from a minimum of $30,000 to a maximum of $100,000. This webpage includes a summary of details including information about previously funded projects.  

Projects must address priority information needs under one or both of the following project categories and include a detailed engagement plan: 

  1. Category 1: Monitoring, assessment, and reporting of the status and trends of Vital Sign indicators — 4-10 projects totaling approximately $400,000
  2. Category 2: Synthesis and evaluation of causes behind ecosystem conditions; evaluation of cumulative effects — effectiveness assessment; 4-10 projects totaling approximately $350,000   

Please see full request for proposals for Puget Sound Scientific Research and Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery for additional details on requirements, how to apply, and contact information for solicitation questions.  

Please share this announcement and consider registering for an information session if you are interested in applying: 

  • Register here for the information session on Puget Sound Scientific Research for Thursday, April 29, 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. PST  
  • Register here for the information session on Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery for Tuesday, April 27, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. PST  


This bulletin was sent to the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel, PSEMP Steering Committee, PSEMP Work Group Leads, and PSEMP Interested Parties lists.