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Brighter future for salmon at downtown seawall

The decaying seawall along Seattle’s waterfront is providing scientists with an opportunity to improve long-lost habitat for migrating salmon. It could also show the way for habitat enhancements to crumbling infrastructure worldwide. One University of Washington researcher describes the project. Read more about the Seattle seawall in Salish Sea Currents.

No salmon left behind: The importance of early growth and freshwater restoration

Traditionally, salmon restoration has focused heavily on spawning habitat in streams and rivers, but scientists say that may no longer be enough. New research presented at the 2014 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference suggests that conserving and increasing high-quality habitat for juvenile salmon could be just as vital. Read the article by Emily Davis in the Salish Sea Currents series.   

Gathering the stories of SSEC14

Now that the chairs and tables are stacked and the organizing committee has long since cued the music, the work of the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference is just starting for us. Over the next year, the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound will be reporting some of the stories, highlights and important takeaways from the conference. Even …