Meet our intern: Audrey Rhodes


We are pleased to welcome Audrey Rhodes as a summer research assistant at the Center for Urban Waters. Audrey will be working in cooperation with the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (SWEMA) to analyze the effectiveness of new stormwater treatment technologies through literature reviews of published research. As part of her internship, she will work closely with experienced stormwater professionals to provide content for the SWEMA website such as social media, white papers, and short videos.

Audrey was born and raised in Eastern Washington and received her Bachelor of Environmental Science degree from the University of Washington Tacoma in 2022. Starting this fall, she will begin a master’s program at North Dakota State University where she will assist on a project to identify crops that are tolerant to waterlogged and high salinity conditions. Audrey hopes to one day be a leader in saline agriculture and to help preserve freshwater resources around the globe. In addition to her undergraduate degree, she holds certificates in Restoration Ecology and GIS.

The Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association supports the regulatory and engineering communities as well as the individual cities and states in implementing the Clean Water Act. Association members recognize that as cities, counties and states around the country must develop stormwater initiatives, they have few resources to turn to for guidance and help. This, coupled with tight budgets, limited research staff to find the best solutions for controlling stormwater, and unique regional challenges, creates a monumental task. The Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association provides a single source to turn to for direction in the development of their standards and regulations.